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Coir mattress

The coir mattress ingredient, is made from the shield of the coconut. The coconuts are surrounded by a shield 6 to 8 cm thick which contains the fibers. These coir fibers are derived from 8-month soaking digestion and make them usable for coir crib mattress. The cellulose-based fiber has a  lightweight structural build-up, which is flexible, anti-moth, anti-mites and anti-bacterial.

The long soaking time indicates that the use of coir does not absorb any moisture. Thus, when in use as a coir mattress, the moisture and sweat will be driven away by the structure and evaporates from the surface. Thus, the surface is always dry. In the coir mattress hair no mites, bacteria can not settle because they do not have places to live. After the digestion its transformed to heavy whipped rope, so the fibers get wavy.

Then it is extracted and vulcanized with latex (rubbertree milk). So the fiber on the surfaces and in the structure - because of the latex - increases its natural elasticity and gets a natural breathability for coir mattress. The structure in such a natural coir mattress -due its chaotic fiber arrangement - filters the water crossings and other harmful earth radiations.

The physiological effects of coir mattress

Users who are familiar with these harmful radiations, and its effects for the human body, like the coir mattress very much, because for the children it is

  • safer for lying
  • calm sleeps are returned
  • made from natural ingredients
  • non-allergic
The coir provides perfect ventilation. Did you know that You can  look through in a 1-1,5 inch thin sample?
The loose structure to ensure the quick evaporation of moisture into the surface. It is highly recommended to use, as the pure coir mattresses have completely washable structure. The coir felt is a hard, stable, flexible lying surface, gives a natural resilience - of the above - give the surface of vulcanized latex. This will ensure the internal stability of the spine.

Most valuable properties of the coir mattress

  1. Natural material
  2. A high degree of natural flexibility
  3. Does not absorb moistures
  4. Excellent ventilation
  5. Naturally anti-mite, anti-moth and anti bacterial structure
  6. Inhibition of the asthmatic disease
  7. A positive effect against allergies
  8. Supports the spine stable
  9. Highly recommended to prevent decubitus effect
  10. Made with different covers
  11. After use, completely degradable in enviroment
  12. All part of the mattress passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification
  13. Made in Eco-friendly factory
  14. Made by hand
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