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Hello. My name is Dr. Ildiko Beck and I was born and raised in Hungary, Europe. I moved to the US along with my husband, Krisztian, in 2002 to work for a multinational company. Eight years later we have lived in three states, gave birth to two beautiful babies and recently started our own company with a vision of offering products that are innovative, eco-friendly and "bring us back to nature" in some way.

It has been always very important to our family to use organic, all natural and environmentally friendly products at home. When I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, it became extremely important to me to search for the best baby products available on the market. With my background and knowledge as a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, I was able to decide if a product meets my standards, most importantly toxin and chemical free. As for most parents, we wanted to give our little one everything: high quality, safe and green products and toys.

One of our most important purchases was to get the right crib mattress that would be firm, durable and most importantly, natural. Many of our friends in Hungary already used the coco coir crib mattresses from NOVETEX for their babies, so I was very excited to receive one as a baby shower present from my twin sister. The KOKO CRIB MATTRESS is the best of the best! It is recommended by the Hungarian Chiropractors Association and the Hungarian Spine Therapeutics Association. We have been using it for many years now, it is still firm and did not dip despite my daughter's jumping, and still has the fresh coco scent although we showered and cleaned it many times. We are very pleased with the KOKO CRIB MATTESS and we decided to introduce it to the US market, so established our company, Beck To Nature with a sole mission to support children's healthy development through sleep and play from their very first moments in the belly and in the world.

Since then, we have also been working on partnering with a premier Hungarian design company, Geppetto, who employ a group of talented young designers and inventors, to introduce into the US Market a collection of innovative, eco-friendly Hungarian product lines: bebeyO the Pregnancy Musical Experience - the first ergonomically designed mp3 for expecting moms, KOKO-BALANCE CUBE - designer all-in-one booster seat and stool for kids made from coco coir, k'okos for kids - designer chair for kids and also luxurious Cashmere and Wool Blankets and Aroma Pillows.

I only sell products I believe in, so before offering our products to you, each one has been personally tested in our home, along with those of our family and friends.

Thank you for visiting our website and hope we can contribute to your child's healthy development and bring many fun-filled days and restful naps and nights to your home.

Dr. Ildiko Beck
Founder, Beck To Nature
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