KOKO BALANCE is an innovative product line, developed and designed for kids to support and improve their vestibular system located in the inner ear, which among other aspects, allow us to stand upright, maintain balance and move throughout space. KOKO BALANCE product could contribute to children's physical development by a unique and effective method, utilizing the flexibility and resistance of coco coir. Made from all natural components, this environmentally friendly and naturally derived biodegradable product is safe in every situation, during indoor and outdoor playing.

The physical development, including gross motor skills in early childhood is extremely important as it contributes to the balancing skills during normal daily routine in adulthood and helps to retain balance between internal an external forces. KOKO BALANCE products work unperceived during play by stimulating movement, posture and balance, utilizing coco coir's unique and flexible properties.

Children utilize the major muscles of their bodies during play; their movements consist of rotations and translations. These motions were examined and studies in detail by Zsuzsanna Gazdag Pappne, a leading Hungarian expert in Early Child MOvement Development. After several years of study, Zsuzsanna partnered with Ildiko Buzogany from Geppetto Design Studio, a premier Hungarian designer, to create and develop KOKO BALANCE product line.
Patent Pending.

Above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
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