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Why eco mattress
is so good?

NOVETEX CRIB COCO MATTRESS recommended by the Hungarian Chiropractors Association and the Hungarian Spine Therapeutics Association!

Main benefits of NOVETEX eco mattress

  1. Physiological Effect: The mattress is fully through breathable, even when the baby lies on his belly. This mattress is not intended to prevent SIDS.
  2. Orthopedics feature: The mattress is very firm, provides the perfect support for the baby's spine; helps to prevent the development of early childhood spine defects.
  3. Anti-allergic: dust mite and bacteria have no ideal surrounding to live.
  4. Washable: The mattress is hand washable, dries within few hours at room temperature.
  5. Regulates temperature to prevent baby from overheating.
The mattress is very light and thin which makes changing the sheets much easier than conventional mattress.

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